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Information for Referring Doctors

 Process for Referral
  1. I accept referrals for face-to-face consultation, telehealth consultation or direct access referrals for gastroscopy or colonoscopy

  2.  For your convenience I have prepared a referral form that is easy to complete, however, referrals using your practice template are also accepted

  3.  I prefer to review patients older than 75 years (preferably with a family member) and patients treated with anticoagulants or antiplatelet drugs for cardiac disease or stroke, prior to arranging invasive procedures (gastroscopy or colonoscopy) for them. In this way we can be certain that the procedure is required and plan ahead to reduce health risks related to the procedure.

  4. If you are a medical practitioner wishing to speak with me for advice about a patient who you wish to refer to me, a patient known to me or clarify if referral is necessary, I will do my best to discuss but it is often necessary to see the patient to provide the best advice

  5.  FAQ page - A list of frequently asked Questions and Answers

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